Bring your ideas to life

For Mobile and Desktop.


Bring your ideas to life

Animation Prototyping for Mobile and Desktop.


Prototyping should be a quick process. The more time you spend animating, the harder it gets to let go of an idea. Even the bad ones.

Mitya makes it ridiculously easy to animate, freeing you up to try as many ideas as you can think of. In a fraction of the time.

Build Rich Interactions

Use desktop events or touch based gestures to create rich experiences.

Design Advanced Motion

Chain animations together and create advanced motions and transitions.

Use Powerful Scripting

Create brand new experiences with Mitya's built-in support for Framer and CoffeeScript.

Animate rapidly with Auto Keyframes

Mitya's powerful Animation Engine watches all changes you make on your layers to build keyframes for you automatically.

Change your layers along the timeline and Mitya will create all intermediate keyframes to make a perfect chained animation.

Make this:
By doing this:
With the power of auto keyframing
designing animations like these become incredibly easy!

Try Multiple Versions

When you have several ideas, making multiple versions to choose the best animation has always been hard. Until now.

Mitya lets you build multiple timeline animations and compare them right next to each other. Playing with new animations is so easy, you'll no longer hesitate to try a new idea.

Watch the video

Customize with Framer

The best way to invent something new has always been code. With Mitya's built-in support for Framer, you now get the best of both worlds.

Speed up with Mitya's animation tools. Power up with Framer code.

Design with Power

App Flows

Design app flows with 100 screens or micro interactions with 2 screens

Design entire app flows or specific micro interactions

Desktop Events

Add mouse events such as mouse over and mouse out


Use masks to create material design animations

Live Preview

Preview on your iOS device as you work. (Coming Soon)

Framer Support

Animate quickly in Mitya. Add custom behavior with Framer

Sketch Import

Import your designs quickly from Sketch. If you make changes, just import again!

HTML Export

View your prototype on any device with a browser - from car dashboards to giant TVs

Native macOS

Built on Core Graphics and Core Animation for maximum performance

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