Mitya in a minute!


Getting Started (00:53)

Learn the core idea behind prototyping in Mitya

Timeline (01:06)

Adjusting the timing and easing of your animation

Timeline - Auto keyframing (02:16)

Creating in between states for your screen transitions


Swipe - Basics (01:48)

The basics of setting up swipe transitions

Swipe - Advanced (02:09)

Customising a swipe transition for advanced animations

Scroll (00:59)

Making content scrollable


Timeline Versions (01:47)

Experimenting with multiple versions side by side

Masks (00:40)

Animating with masks


Follow along examples, with video

Weather app

Build a weather app using swipes for navigation. Customize the swipe with auto keyframing.

Download example Watch video (07:34)

Framer example

Build a photo app with sliders to control the hue, saturation and brightness.

Download example Watch video (07:08)

Custom Components

Build a slider in Mitya using Framer. Re-use the component, with custom behaviour for each instance.

Download example Watch video (09:45)

Download examples

Mixing Timeline with code

Build a swipe animation, add snow behaviour with code

Download example

Auto Loader using code

Animate with the timeline, run a customisable loader

Download example

Under the hood

Connecting Screens (01:47)

What does Mitya do when you connect two screens together? Watch this video to get a deeper understanding of how the timeline is built

Auto Keyframing (03:16)

Get a more in depth understanding of how Mitya's powerful auto keyframing feature works

Slide Animations (02:52)

Understand the logic behind how Mitya creates transitions for your slide animations